A century of change

In the last 100 years of trading we’ve witnessed a lot of change, both in the printing industry and the world beyond. So when the sceptics were busy writing the obituary for an entire industry, we were confident enough to take a different view. “Digital technology will make print redundant” they said. “Believe in the power of print” was our response. There’s no doubt that digital innovation, not to mention environmental consciousness, has lead many organisations to question the need for printed materials. Yet, after all the questioning, the printed product, particularly when executed to a high standard, remains an intrinsic part of the communications mix. A complement to digital communication, not just its poor relation. Whether a low cost leaflet, or a beautifully crafted brochure, print remains undeniably powerful. A tangible and tactile means of telling stories and building brands.

For us, To the Power of Print means being the kind of company that people really want to use. Why? Because they know we will deliver an excellent product, at the right price, in the right time frame and produced in a sustainable and responsible way. Our clients also appreciate our ability to embrace the specific requirements and logistical challenges of each and every job and turn ink on paper into something memorable and dynamic.

It also means ensuring that the work we produce does justice to our proud heritage. That in turn means combining knowledge, passion and attention to detail with a genuine desire to embrace new technologies in order to deliver innovative print solutions.

To the Power of Print is also about staying in control – and that’s you as much as us. Our sales and customer service teams deliver a genuine personal service, facilitated by the most powerful MIS system in the industry. A system that puts detail and decision making at your fingertips at every stage of the process – before we print, as we print and after we print.