GPSAR - Augmented Reality

Discover the world of Augmented Reality (AR) through the GPSAR app.

GPSAR uses innovative technology to bring a new, fun to use dimension to traditional advertising, providing the user with information and imagery way beyond just what is printed.

GPSAR is an innovative, interactive free application that allows users to access so much more information about your business than you could ever get across from a newspaper or magazine advertisement, business card or leaflet.

Imagine a magazine ad that plays a video, imagine a menu that comes to life, imagine a business card or flyer that talks, imagine a brochure that plays a 360° video. Imagine no more.

GPSAR can be applied to any form of visual marketing, be it printed advertisements, leaflets or brochures, menus or price lists, business cards, window displays, business cards, billboards and vehicles….the only limit is your imagination.

We love being creative with traditional print. If you want to see GPSAR in action Contact Us  as your first step to making augmented reality reality!

READY to explore more? Download the GPSAR Brochure.