We believe that our success to date is directly attributable to our ongoing investment programme and a desire to achieve optimum quality and efficiency through the use of innovative technology. In short, this reinforces our position as Northern Ireland’s largest and, arguably, most progressive printing company. Capital investment in 2011 alone exceeded £2m, an almost unprecedented figure in the industry at this time. Investment in 2017 was over £5m, giving unrivalled total investment in Ireland of £10m since 2011.

And of course it’s not just about machines. We have also invested heavily in people, bringing into the company the necessary skills to realise the potential offered by these new technologies. Additionally, we have made a massive commitment to training, enabling employees to get the most out of this technology in order to meet our own exacting standards.

Achieving the highest quality also means unfaltering attention to detail at every stage of the production process, from estimating, the supply of raw materials and pre-press, to printing, finishing, delivery and invoicing. For every step of the GPS customer service journey, there’s a quality assurance process or protocol.

To discover more feel free to download the Quality Assurance Guide which you’ll find on our DOWNLOADS page, along with documents which will give you further insight into our working methods, policies and accreditations.