How many times have you bought a product or service only to find yourself disappointed when the supplier wasn’t able to see the project through to its logical conclusion or deliver on the detail. When we undertake a project at GPS we do all that’s required, and more besides, to complete it - lock, stock and barrel.

Moreover, we have the expertise and resources needed to turn a great print project into an exceptional one. Almost a third of our staff play a dedicated role in our finishing department and this gives us approximately 1500 finishing hours each week.

It’s this resource that helped us produced over 80 million items last year. In printing terms, this means offering a range of ancillary services that add value, maximise the quality of the end result and make your working life easier. As in all parts of our business, it’s an area where we’ve made massive investment both in terms of machinery and human resources. So in this section you'll find details of all the things we offer beyond print, the things that bring a project to a happy conclusion.